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. >>> the department of homeland security says 41 percent of illegal immigrants tried to reenter the united states after they had been deported. now u.s. customs and border patrol says it is cutting down that number to try something new. immigration rights advocates say it goes too far. casey ceiling reports from los angeles. >>> after a person is contracted to enter this country illegally they go through a fairly detailed process. their fingerprints, their identity is checked and then they are put into a data base. once officials determine they do not have a criminal background they are often taken into mexico where they started. kierding to u.s. customs and border protection roughly 41 percent of them are caught trying to come back to the united states at a later time. in tucson, arizona one of the busiest border patrol sectors some put immigrants on buses and transport them back to mexico by way of california and texas hundreds of miles away from their original point of entry. the concept is known adds lateral repatriation and the department of homeland security says it takes the recidivism rat
:00. >> there is a troubling now warning that the united states could be on the verge of another recession. it could fall off a fiscal cliff. joining us live is peter dues see. he has all of the details and his new warnings come from the government. >> good morning, heather. the united states is heading toward a fiscal cliff and will fall off it on january 1st if the tax cuts are allowed to expire and automatic cuts are kicked in. they couldn't make a deal on what they wanted to cut so their punishment was to establish steep over a trillion dollar automatic cuts for things that are tough and controversial. the first 100 billion or so would be cut. these things would make the economy shrink by 1.3 percent in the first half of next year. that they say adds up to a recession. majority leader harry reid says we can avoid this fiscal flip tomorrow if republicans would agree to extend the tax cut which would give us ample time to deal with the other challenges facing congress at the end of the year. after the 1.3 percent contract the economy would rebound in the second half of 2014. they are scoffing at the idea t
the republican nominee for president of the united states. doug luzader has more. what's next for mitt romney? >> the convention. finished the becoming the republican nominee. it was texas that put mitt rom nooefr the edge. he walked away with about 69 percent of the vote. that would give him about 97 delegates. he only needed 58 to cross the threshold of 1144. he got the numbers to clench the nomination at the convention. texas was the last state he needed. he was in las vegas, nevada with you also at a fundraiser with donald trump. the democrats lampooned because of trump's position on birth place of obama. >> birth place is only one part of the equation. >> he said i would like to change the constitution. i am not sureic do it. i would like to have a provision in the constitution that the age of the president and citizenship of the president and birth place of the president i would like it also to say the president has to spend at least three years working in business before he could become president of the united states. >> the results in texas last night. romney came in first but texas c
of the babies born in the united states. just over 50 percent of children born were minorities. >> weekly jobless claims out in only 3 hour. we want to do our part to bring things down. cheryl casone knee joins us with three companies hiring right now, right this minute. head over to jetblue. >> dave joined me on the show talking about the fact that they are going to be expanding and growing. here's what he had to say about hiring. >> we are growing. there's 11 new aircraft being added to the fleet next year. this year additional aircraft next year. think of jet blew 5, 8 percent annual growth in the foreseeable future. >> 500 jobs by the end of the year. think about hiring in caribbean, latin america and hiring in the boston market as well. they compete against southwest and spirit airlines. they are really expanding. a lot of the airlines seem to be recovering but jetblue is the story where they have a lot of veterans but half are mill tear veet tran pilots. they are also very much about benefits and work. >> quantum health. >> quantum health. this is a different type of company. they g
possibly have gone on 60 minutes after the slaughter of 3,000 americans and say the united states was an accessory? >> i wouldn't say that the united states deserved what happened. but the united states policies were an accessory of crime? >> can you say we were an accessory? >> we have been an accessory to a lot of lives dying in the world. it is the most direct. osama bin laden is made in the usa. >> osama bin laden you are blaming up with that staple? you are blaming america. 3,000 dead americans. >> i am not saying that and i asked forgiveness. >> why have you never said that. >> i have said that when i was interviewed. i did say i am sorry. >> still very heat. >> also we are adding that imam is no longer involved in the mosque project in new york city. >> they risked life and limb on the battlefield. their biggest fight getting a job. three companies are hiring vets right now. >>> there is a major change by a popular airline. we will explain what this is moms and dads want to hear it. bed in america? ask me about my tempur-pedic. [ male announcer ] did you know there's tempur
, the danger that the united states will uncreasingly be seen as weak. >> you think under this president with his policies starting out with an apology for do you think the rest of the world views him as weak? >> i do. he doesn't seem to feel that the united states have and should continue to be playing an important role in the world. you do that not by making war or aggression you do that by being capable and being seen as being capable which causes other countries to avoid doing things that they would do if they saw weakness. increasingly we are demonstrating weakness. >> kt mcfarlanded when we appear weak that's when others take add straj. >> should we brew on this? >> absolutely. one long island high school in new york is the lathes to break out these breathalyzers at the prom no less. john huty has more now. >> tuxedo, karn nation, limo, breathalyzer test. the lathes to have alcohol breath test policy a move to keep students from getting liquored up before events like the prom. >> we are hoping we don't have to use this. talking to other principals who have been doing this for quite
the compound. today's attack was in response to the long-term security agreement that the united states signed last night with afghanistan. president obama arrived under the cover of darkness met with president hamid karzai signed a long-term agreement which is a commitment to a long-term commitment. this agreement that was signed last night doesn't layout any specific details but it says the united states will financially and militarily support afghanistan for the next ten or so years after the combat ends in 2014. there will be money supporting the afghan government. there will be u.s. troops here but they will not be in a combat role post 2014. it's an important point the u.s. government is trying to make here. by the end of 2014 afghans will have all security responsibility in afghanistan and the united states will just play an advisory role. they will offer military and financial support but u.s. combat operations will end by the year 2014. this is to build up confidence in afghanistan to convince afghans and the afghan government is not cutting and running and also to put pressure on the
before he could become president of the united states. >> the results in texas last night. romney came in first but texas congressman ron paul came in second. the race may be decided at this point. ron paul is still in the hunt. he picked up 10 more delegates. >>> they are planning something at the convention in florida. >>> mitt romney big win in texas has the state's governor rick perry talking as well. >> romney's former competitor saying he is the man who will get the economy back on track. listen to this. >> quite appropriate that the state with the best economy and the country would be the one to nominate the president or i should say our nominee for president who is going to carry a message about job creation to this country. in texas a place about job creations nominated a man who is really going to work hard to take that message of job creation all across this country. it ought to be no contest when you look at these two people's record. >>> hannity also asked about this unit tour where they will come together to campaign against obama. governor perry saying he wasn't heard an
the united states has left him high and dry. the service stinks, so does the food so should you be forced to tip the weighter if gratuity is added to the bill. wait until you hear what happens when one family refused. on this day in history back in 1936 jo dimaggio makes his major league debut with the new york yankees. but centurylink is committed to being a different kind of communications company by continuing to help you do more and focus on the things that matter to you. j.d. power and associates has ranked quicken loans "highest in customer satisfaction in the united states." call or go to to discover for yourself why we're engineered to amaze. >> good morning everyone. welcome back to "fox & friends first". i am heather nauert. hope you are off to a great day. >> glad you are joining us. i am heather childers approximat it is 30 minutes after the top of the hour. top five stories making news at this hour. talk about a close call a. few more inches and it would have gone through the roof. cattrell working nearby says he and two other men dragged the pilot and a pass
'reilly is sounding off about the results of a new gallup poll. >> you think the united states benefits from having a class of rich people or not? 63 percent say yes. 34 percent of americans say no. it's interesting when you break it down by party. 46 percent of democrats belief kwet wealthy americans provide no benefit for the country. >> o'reilly having a particular issue with that saying he does plenty for this country. take a look. >> here's exactly what i do for my country. i pay all of my taxes. i have no offshore accounts and everything the government wants my accountant swifty is under orders to pay. my foundation named after my parents gives away millions of dollars to the poor to military families in need and to fight disease worldwide. i employ dozens of people. bill o' is my small business. in addition because the factor is successful people are hired the news corporation to work on the program. because i work very hard i employ people in my house and do other things that i can't do. recently i thought about retiring, but i added it up and more than 60 people who lost their jo
announced to keep illegal immigrants out of the united states. here with details is steve sen t centon nishg. >> new information on intelligence gathering to target certain immigrants. it was to blanket checkpoints with resources dragging them to more remote areas where they could be easily singled out. now we have to figure out who the offenders are why they are crossing and what threat they pose to national security. they are using intelligence to get ahead of the threat. tracking down further on repeat offenders. here's how chief mike fisher put it as he testified before a house panel. >>> the theme is to use rapid response to meet all threats. these are essential as we continue to build upon an approach that puts them in place to combat the grates list. >>> the border situation is changing rapidly. the number of agents doubled in the past 8 years. number of apprehensions dropped to the lowest point in 40 years and slew of immigrants slowed substantially because of a poor u.s. economy. there has been increase on border surveillance but makes no mention of expanding physical barriers at th
sided with those who feel they are being denied freedom. >> as part of the dialogue the united states raises the importance of human rights and fundamental freedoms. because we believe that all governments do have to answer to citizen's aspirations for dignity and the rule of law and that no nation can or should deny those rights. >> cheng's friend is now saying cheng never criticized the u.s. embassy having forced to leave the embassy he walked out on his free will and is grateful to the diplomats that helped him out this week. >>> a real fascinating case mained may end up here at nyu. >> harsh words for the obama administration over their treatment of the chinese dit gent -- dissident. >> there are reports they unwillingly communicated an implicit threat to his family and may have sped up his decision to leave the embassy because they wanted to move on to a series of discussions mr. geithner and others are planning to have this china. according to the reports if they are accurate the embassy failed to put in place the kind of verifiable measures that would have asked for t ensured t
911. >> the programs helped lead united states to bin laden. here he is last night on "hannity". >> we got a lot of information from the detainees that eventually led us to bin laden. >> that's a fact. >> that is a fact. >> you were there and you know you watch this had unfold. >> there is still doubt out there, people are doubting the amounts of information we got from this program that gave us the basis to go after our man and destroy al qaeda. it is just amazing. >>> and make sure that you tune into fox and friends at 6:30 to hear more from jose rodriguez. he will be joining us life with details. he is a fascinating interview. >> time for the 5 at 5:00. the u.s. military is under reporting the number of times that afghan soldiers or police open fire on american troops overseas. the military does report when they are killed by an afghan but we just learned the military is not saying when they are wounded or avoid being hit. they also aren't reporting when troops are wounded next to other soldiers who are killed. there has been a drastic rise recently in afghan troops attacking americ
are available. 44 percent of what a candidate needs to be elected president of the united states. when the speaker of the house asked about this he said republicans just want to talk about the economy. >> i think he made his position very clear. i have always believed marriage is between a man and a woman. republicans here capitol hill are focused in on the economy. >>> president obama presumed opponents in the fall. it's up to the voters to decide whether president obama changed his position here but he understands it's a very sensitive tender topic. >> the president's announcement is the big talker today. dick morris reacted to the political implications to this on o'reilly. >> he believes this marginalizes president obama. take a listen. >> the second sentence in that announcement he played is states have the right to do whatever they want. he is not going to appease the gay community which is one of the four major funders of the democratic party along with jews, greens and trial lawyers. he already alienated jews. he is not going to appease them but he will marginalize himself to t
in support of the united states military but both men competing for the military vote. the republican presidential primary may seem like a distant memory to come. mitt romney has amassed 144 delegates to get the nomination. he should cross the threshold after republicans will cast their ballot in the texas primary. according to the tally made by the associated press he has 1,084 delegates now. he needs less than half of that 155 delegates available in texas to put him over the top. the faceoff between mr. romney and president barack obama has been underway for nearly two months now. the republican delicate win is a mere formality in this stage of the race. >> formality but it is all about the numbers. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> he will have to be the presumptive nominee. let's stick with this theme a look at who is talking. we are talking politics. mitt romney speaking at memorial services yesterday. the presidential candidates buried the states messages. >> he used this time to mark the end of the iraq war. >> this memorial day we mark another milestone to the first time in nine
tells us it was the pakistani. our got. thinks pakistan should let the doctor go. >>> the united states does not believe there is any basis for holding doctor ephriti. his help yavr all was instrumental in taking down one of the world's most notorious murderers. >> now pakistan is in line to lose $1 million in aid for each year of the doctor's sentence. that is afridi. >> senator john mccain explained what he thinks holding this money is going to do. >> we are more than willing to discuss with the administration and with the appropriations committee the proper way that we can most express american's displeasure at the relationship as it exists today and what measures need to be taken in order to try to help>> a u.s. official towed us yesterday. this official didn't have any explanation as to why we couldn't get him out of the country before it was too late. >>> it is time now for your 5@5:00. the other headlines. brand new photos of a smiling terrorist. look at this video smuggled out of gitmo. a jihadist web site is showing photos of khalid shaikh mohammed. mugging for the camera and r
grade level. congress issued a statement saying that is totes redunculous. satisfaction in the united states." call or go to to discover for yourself why we're engineered to amaze. to discover for yourself most life insurance companies look at you and just see a policy. at aviva, we do things differently. our wellness for life program rewards you with savings just for getting a check-up, and it's only from aviva. >> 2 minutes to the top of the hour. we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. first start with the good. crews in washington state rescue a 13-year-old trapped on a rock on that waterfall. waited nearly nine hours in the cold until they could reach him and next the bad. this woman says she was fired from her job at a lingerie company for being just too hot. she claims she was canned because her bust was too big and created a dangerous distraction. ok. and the ugly. a brand new study showing congress is getting less literate. the study analyzed every speech in congress from 2005 to 2012 finding the speech's grade level decline from an 11th grade leve
ranked quicken loans "highest in customer satisfaction in the united states." call or go to to discover for yourself why we're engineered to amaze. >> koo welcome back to "fox & friends first". >> i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather childers. >> mitt romney picking up an endorsement for the president. george bush saying i am for romney he made the announcement after a speech in how man rights. it's the first time he weighed in on romney. george h. w. bush is already backing romney. free o.j. simpson. he is serving time in nevada but a lawyer is pushing for his release and a new trial. he claims he had bad legal representation during his 2008 trial. he he was convicted of kid naggen and armed robbery after a sports memorabilia. he only wanted to recover personal photos and mementos. >> talk about transparency the salaries of federal workers revealed on-line. a web site data universe dt come exposing the 2011 salaries and bonuses for a million federal employees. it was turned over. >>> students were caught buying soda during their lunch hour. what's wrong with that
to the united states. he is charged with ex portion this for causing natalee holloway's information about her daughter's death in exchange for money. even if he is sent to the u.s. he would have to come back to finish out his sentence. >>> now chris christie insiders are saying the new jersey governor would love to be mitt romney's running mate. sources tell the national review he is comfortable with it. he loves his current job he won'ting going anywhere. but he could be taked into taking that job. >>> it is one of the most glamorous putting their most passion forward. gala on display last night in new york city. >> i am celebrating all that goes into it. >> shouldn't you be at home resting up for the next game? >> we have a day off today. couldn't miss it for nothing. >> one of the most anticipated red carpet arrivals last night was beyonce. she showed up making quite the interest in this gown. she looks beautiful. >>> it is now 7 minutes after the hour. it's time for your first degree weather update with maria molina. there's a cold front coming through? >> yes. we are going to see rain ev
is to give 80 percent of americans access to high speed rail. >> bringing high speed rail to the united states has long been a priority of the obama administration. a private company funded by las vegas says desert express enterprises wants to be the first to fulfill that. the closer you get to southern california major population centers the harder it is to build a train. >> it is cost prohibitive to get the right-of-way to cut through so many cities and it would simply be too expensive. >> instead it will start outside of victorville california a desertsy of 125,000 people more than 90 miles from the starting point of los angeles or anaheim. >> the question is a common one. people here in victorville understand that's confusing to some people but it is pretty much a straight shot from here to vegas. there's not a lot in between. >> victorville serves as the national collection point of 11 million people that may drive on 115 every year to also vegas. >> this is literally the end of the road. we are off 15 in the middle of the mojave desert. you go 90 miles that way and hit la. 188 mil
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)